About us

We work with clients from the cultural, creative, heritage and environmental sectors to make good things happen. 

Our key skills are research and analysis, development of effective strategies, organisational and project development, advocacy and fundraising.

Here are some of the projects we have worked on...

UNESCO Beginner's Guide to Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites

We are currently commissioned by UNESCO to explore the potential for establishing a more effective tourism model for the world's most important natural and cultural heritage sites. We are now on phase two which is all about developing practical guidance for site managers in the c.1000 World Heritage Sites. 

Seven 'How to' Guides for World Heritage Site Managers around the World

We are currently developing a series of guidance tools for site managers of the c.1000 World Heritage Sites, designed to help them with key challenging issues; like how to develop a partnership for change, how to fundraise more effectively, and how to tell the story of the site and its 'Oustanding Universal Value' more effectively to visitors.

Whole Valley Planning for Wasdale

We recently completed a visitor management plan for Wasdale - recently voted Britain's favourite view. Looking at how to better manage the impacts of tourism, and maximising its value to the local community. It wasn't easy because it is such a loved place, with so many different interpretations - but they've got the beginnings of a solution - http://www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/caringfor/projects/valleyplanning?a=332474 

Forth Rail Bridge World Heritage Site

We recently completed, for Historic Scotland, a study of how the proposed World Heritage nomination of the iconic Forth Rail Bridge can secure socio-economic benefits for the local communities. Our work has been praised by the Scottish First Minister Fiona Hyslop - http://www.historic-scotland.gov.uk/index/news/news_article.htm?articleid=38220

Why Art Works

We have just completed a major research project looking at the value of the contemporary visual arts to Cumbria and Lancashire in the North West of the UK for the North by North West Turning Point Network. See Executive Summary (Screen version) or Full Referenced Report.

Saving Eden - Catchment Action Plan

We recently completed this innovative plan for Eden Rivers Trust team for the River Eden. This is one of the best things we have ever done, and one of the most challenging - making river science accessible to communities. Check out the map which we love at http://savetheeden.org

They liked us so much they've asked us to do the Conservation Management Plan for their Heritage Lottery Fund project called Cherish Eden.

World Heritage Sites Global Analysis - The Economic Gain

Our seminal study of the socio-economic impact potential of World Heritage Sites was published recently and was extremely well received by audiences in the UK and internationally. The work is being translated into German at present, is already translated into Chinese, and we working with UNESCO on developing the future of this work after presenting this work recently in Paris at UNESCO headquarters. See http://www.lakeswhs.co.uk/


Wadden Sea Sustainable Tourism Strategy

We are working with the Wadden Sea Secretariat and partners (from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark) on the development of a shared sustainable tourism strategy for how their stunning World Heritage Site can become more effective as a tourism destination whilst also being a beacon of sustainability and conservation.

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